Are dogs allowed?

Yes! Dogs are welcome, just make sure they're friendly and leashed. Your dog may encounter other dogs and children of all ages on the farm, so please keep that in mind when deciding to bring them.

Do you have saws and twine?

Yes! We have bow saws for you to use. You may bring your own saw if you'd prefer. We also provide twine and help you tie down your tree to thecar.

Can I take photos?

Yes, customers may take as many photos as they'd like for their personal use. You may come any time during our business hours (but kindly ask you to refrain from coming outside our business hours, unless previously arranged).

I'm a professional photographer. What's your policy? 

That's awesome! Our farm is a lovely place to take photos. We charge $40 an hour, or 3 hours for $100. We can prorate that based on your needs. Send us a message or give us a call, and we can schedule you for any time from dawn to dusk.

Do you have Noble firs?

We have a few, but we have many more Turkish fir, which we grow as a look-alike to Nobles. They love our soil! They have a beautiful green, waxy needle and last a long time because of their water content.

What payment types do you take?

Starting this year, we can take credit, debit, and Venmo in addition to cash and check. We charge a $2 transaction fee for debit, credit, and Venmo which helps counteract the fees that they charge us. Thank you for supporting your local family owned farm business!

How are trees priced?

We price our trees by their type. Some trees, like our Turkish fir, are slow growing and take 10 or more years to reach maturity. Other varieties, like the Douglas fir and pines grow quickly, meaning we can price them a bit lower. Our staff can explain the different tree types to you, and the trees are tagged as well. 

Will you donate a tree?

I'm sorry, we already have a charitable foundation that we're giving to. We have a very limited number of trees, so we aren't able to donate any.

Can we advertise to your customers?

We thank you for your interest, but we don't allow people to solicit to our customers to ensure the best possible customer experience.

Is your question not listed?

You can call us at (253) 863-0533,

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