Based on our stock, December 2nd is the last day of our 2023 season.
Our Farm
Harvey's Harvest is an 8 acre family-owned u-cut Christmas tree farm. It can get muddy, so be sure to wear waterproof shoes.

The Experience

Our staff gives you an orientation of the field and an educational overview of the six varieties of trees we offer, and then sends you down the path to the headwaters of Salmon Creek. Choose and cut your favorite tree. On your return, we offer to bail your tree, and provide the twine to secure it to your car. Then, relax and stay a while and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or spiced cider around the fire! For further insights to the goings on at the farm, you might check out our Farm Fresh News.

Our Trees

The farm includes a variety of trees: Grand Fir, Turkish Fir, Nordmann Fir, Douglas Fir (the PNW favorite), Scotch (Scots) Pine, and Colorado Blue Spruce trees. For a sneak peak at the fields visit our farm tour page for some YouTube videos!

Our History

In the 1960's, Steve Harvey, a retired forestry professional and his wife, Vassa, known county-wide for her home-baked cookies, planted Christmas trees on the Irle family farm, just east of Sumner, in the Puyallup Valley. The Harvey's helped start a trend toward friendly family operated small tree farms. From berries, bulbs, rhubarb, fruit, cows, and school teaching, the Irle family's 5th generation has just taken over operations.